Since 1996 Islamabad Exchange is a customer focused company. Our company offered the best services to our potential customers and satisfying customer needs. We have converted our business from proprietorship to corporate business. Now we are working as an exchange company named as Islamabad stock exchange company under the license of SBP. we have a list of currency table below in which we are working in. As a part of our strategy for reaching out to the customers, we are opening more branches across Pakistan, locations most convenient for customers not only in urban areas but focusing on rural areas as well.  Our services  include:

Isb Exchange Company has worked hard to maintain the best optimal relationships with its customers and to provide them excellent facilities that suit the customers. Our main commitment with our customers are to provide them a best facilities and maintain the professional relation. We are a self motivation company who takes motivation from his delight and meaningful work and customer success is our main motivation.
Our future plans are increase of services to maintain the customer's needs and requirements under an umbrella scheme so that the customer will able to achieve all the trustworthy services with ease and comfort without any extra effort. Islamabad Exchange Company working hard to promote our services almost everywhere through which customer of all types enjoy the best services and solutions electronically and manually both without any hurdles.
Receive and send money via our trusted and most efficient network across all the branches across Pakistan
Provide a facility of exchange currency of most efficient and most competitive up to date rates that we have daily